◊ 2011 ◊
Welcome to the website dedicated to the American Hairless Terrier and my breeding station Santner’s Kennel.
My name is Mikuláš Santner and I am a long-term lover and dog breeder. Among my favourite breeds belongs The American Staffordshire Terrier, but it is the American Hairless Terrier – ABT (American Hairless Terrier – AHT) that gets me more and more, especially by its nature. I must admit that I fell in love with this breed after having seen the pictures, and I did not know what to expect. But now I have to say that the breed is very intelligent and it can gain absolutely everyone.
My very first AHT, who I brought from the USA to Slovakia after he had earned the Champion title, is CH Alesta’s Argonaut, alias Gosha.
Gosha comes from excellent blood lines and connections, and his ancestors have been Champions and Grand Champions of the USA. He was the first dog, who earned the title Champion of the USA and was exported abroad. So far, only puppies have been imported to Europe and Russia. Within a short time (because of the age) Gosha became the Junior Champion of the SR. My effort is to go on in the shows and get as many awards and championships as possible. I hope I will succeed and I will also find a suitable female partner to continue this great line in Europe. I look forward to your comments, interrogations, and questions about my website, and of course, about The American Hairless Terrier.

◊ 2013 ◊
This introductory text, bold plans and my first ABT Gosh started breeding in my kennel in September 2011 after his arrival from the USA. Although in a short term and yet without my own rearing, I can review and be proud of a great and unexpected success. Gosha – we all call him this way – became a so-called Multichampion and he is the only one of this breed that has the right and the reason to use this title (even he has not reached the limit of 5 states, as it is not possible to exhibit this unrecognized breed in every country and club. Our conditions are rather limited). Gosha is, among other things, the most and the best worldwide awarded dog of this breed.. I think he will retain his firsts for a long time and hardly anyone overcomes him. It’s great to have such a dog and have him here in Slovakia. The more I am delighted, that it is not only him, that is exceptional but also his descendants, as evidenced by the success of his daughter Magie from the first litter. And
I strongly believe that other little children will follow. Evil tongues pride themselves on what they have not achieved and I say, good boasts itself. I am happy that thanks to Gosha many people know this breed and fell in love with it like me. And thanks to Gosha even the judges at shows could finally get to know American Hairless Terrier in the closing disciplines. As the first he stood on the podium at BIG (Best in Group – best in the group of unrecognized breed) discipline, that is the same like BIS (Best in Show) for recognized breeds, which is the highest possible award at the exhibition. I hope that his success will also be decisive for the recognition of this breed in the FCI. Yet
I have forgotten that Gosha has his month in the calendar of AHT in the USA – in January 2013. We make fun of him that he is the playboy of the month. His show career will be concluded in March 2013 after receiving the title Top Terrier 2012 and previous titles CH UKC USA, CH UKC Finland, JCH, CH, G 2013 RCH, Club JCH and CH, Champion of Champions of Slovakia JCH, CH, GRCH, Club JCH and CH of the Czech Republic. After consummation of Gosha´s career we will cede the exhibition rings to his daughter Magie (and descendants), to our promising female Luxy (import Germany), Belvue (import the USA) and other our imported dogs, which are selected to improve breeding in Slovakia and in Europe. The other aim is to make purchase decisions easier for YOU than those mine were, when I was starting. If you are interested in getting to know, or buying this amazing breed (from any corner of the world), you can contact me whenever. I will advise you with pleasure and I will enjoy the next achievements of this young, beautiful breed.

◊ 2016 ◊
Currently, as you can see from our imported dogs and our own breeding, the opportunity to exhibit has been extended to several European countries and Russia and neighboring countries.

Breeding station Santner’s Kennel is not only trying to keep up, but also to set the pace. Therefore we can boast several firsts, and not only Slovak but also worldwide:
As the first and the only ones we imported the Champion of the USA
As the first ones in Slovakia, we e the title Slovak Puppy Champion
As the first ones we have the TOP Terrier (male) and mainly the Club Champion of Slovakia, male and female (the hardest obtainable title and it takes the longest time to get it)
As the first ones we won the Victory Show – Champion of Champions (adults and youth)
As the first ones we stood in first place in the BIG / best in group /
As the first ones we have the Slovak Grandchampion (male) in breed
As the world’s first ones we have the Hungarian Champion
As the world’s first ones we have the Polish Champion (adult, whose acquisition time is at least six months, not one weekend time like it is with junior)
As the first ones we have the Croatian Champion (there were even the Czechs, but we won the BOB and BOS, so we feel free to say that this champion is the world’s first)
As the first ones we have the Champion of Serbia (there were even the Czechs, but we won the BOB and BOS, so we feel free to say that this champion is the world’s first)
As the first ones we have the Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina (there were even the Czechs, but we won the BOB and BOS, so we feel free to say that this champion is the world’s first)
As the world’s first ones we have the Champion of Romania
As the first Slovaks we have the Czech Club Junior Champion and Champion and in Prague and we won the first place in the BIG (male)
As the world’s first ones we have the Croatian Junior Champion
As the world’s first ones we have the Bulgarian Junior Champion
As the world’s first ones we have the Junior Champion of Monte Negro
As the world’s first ones we have the Junior Champion of Serbia
As the world’s first ones we have the Junior Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina
As the world’s first ones we have the Hungarian Junior Champion
As the first on the club our 9-month bitch got the title Best Junior Female (from about 30 participating breeds) and she was in the top five of the BIS (Best in Show), competing with more experienced adult dogs
As the first ones we were in Slovak magazines and television with our AHT breed.
As the world’s first ones we have the Multichampion (champion of five different countries) and male and female in this breed. The title Multichampion of one country does not exist (the title jch, ch, grch, club jch and ch of a country is counted as one country)
As the first one our breeding does CANIS THERAPY.
But all the achievements are nothing in comparison with the pleasure we feel from life partnership with dogs, who are amazing family members and companions.
Anyone who met this breed and initially hesitated, surely has fallen in love forever. Anyone, who has bought the first puppy, wants to buy another one in a short time, so deep in love he is. And those, who have space enough, keep a minimum of 2-3 dogs.

The breed is still within the FCI recorded as unrecognized and rated in the group XI. A great shift was made when in early 2016 the breed was officially recognized and allocated to AKC. In the United States it is still in UKC.
Entering into AKC Terrier Group our dream in FCI is being fulfilled – recognition of this breed and including it into the Terrier Group. When this is coming true, for sure I will be present!!!
Mikulas Santner

◊ 2017 ◊
In 2016 we entered 108 dog shows. We received 30 champion tittles (junior champion, champion and grandchampion tittles and diplomas). We drived around 25,000 kilometres around Europe. We received tittles in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech republic, Monte Negro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosna i Hercegovina and Bulgaria. Thanks to us this breed got into minds in thouse countries between general public and professional cynologists.
In 2017 we started succesfully at shows in Slovakia and Czech republic and we are looking forward for our next successes and successes of all breed at all.